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The Complete Guide to Direct Response Advertising on Twitter | Nanigans

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Twitter is now touting itself as a platform for effective direct response advertising. It represents a powerful opportunity to drive real revenue growth at scale. This guide features pro tips, essential insights, and creative best practices to drive more revenue from Twitter than ever before.

A Glimpse at the Pro Tips for Twitter Ads:

  • Focus on limited time offers and sales, seasonal rollouts, promo codes, or free shipping.
  • Ensure ad images and copy convey what exactly your company does and why it’s valuable.
  • Use action words like download, shop, and sign up to steer viewers toward your desired action.
  • Video App Cards are essential for mobile games. Use them to display in-game action, play up exciting challenge levels, and spotlight popular characters.
Ad Types Powering Direct Response Success on Twitter - Nanigans

Two Examples of Ads That Powering Direct Response Success on Twitter

Content of the “Direct Response Advertising on Twitter” Guide:

  • What’s in This Guide
  • Real-time Relevance, Reach, and a Little Extra ROI
  • Targeting
  • Ad Types Powering Direct Response Success
  • Creative Best Practices
  • Pro Tips for Twitter Ads That Perform
  • Nanigans Powers Direct Response Success on Twitter

Number of Pages:

  • 12 Pages


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Founded in 2010, Nanigans develops Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) based digital and mobile advertising automation software solutions. Nanigans advertising automation software empowers in-house helps marketing teams to drive incremental revenue with the most powerful and transparent cross-channel buying platforms.

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