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The Complete Guide to Survey Creation | Attest


When it comes to digital marketing, there’s nothing more powerful than the opinion of the masses. But when it comes to getting these opinions, brands and companies are becoming spoiled with choices?

What about you? Do you set up a complicated system to check for consumer behavioral data? Or do you go with the familiar stalwart of any research company: surveys?

Data may not be seen in print as much anymore, but surveys’ data is alive online and can make a great difference in brands’ success as it can be invaluable in informing a trustworthy and data-driven marketing strategy.

Many marketers may consider surveys tedious and too difficult to parse data from, but they contain a wealth of knowledge that can help create a winning product or service. But there are lots of things to consider before you get started with your first survey.

Some of these things include your overall strategy, the audience, questions, and questions’ order, and survey design. That’s why Attest created this step-by-step checklist to guide you seamlessly through the survey creation process.

Effect on the response rate of increasing survey length: What is the Best Length of Survey

Effect on the Response Rate of Increasing Survey Length: Download the Full Guide and Find out What is the Best Length of a Survey

What’s in “The Complete Guide to Survey Creation”:

  • Introduction
  • Strategy Considerations: Why do I need to run a survey?
  • Audience Considerations: Who do I need to ask?
  • Sample Size: How many answers do I need?
  • Questions: What do I need to ask to get high-quality, actionable data?
  • Survey Design: How do I get accurate answers to my questions?
  • Checking for Bias: Where am I leading my respondents?
  • Results: What do I do next?

Number of Pages:

  • 27 Pages


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