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Many consumers see traditional internet marketing such as digital ads and landing pages as something to be avoided or tolerated; while content marketing is something that customers often look forward to interacting with. So, the biggest difference between a sales pitch and content strategy is that content is something your customers want to engage with and look forward to being updated with it.

In this regard, content marketing can be an integrated part of your overall marketing strategy at every level and for every stage of your customer’s engagement journey with your organization.

From generating leads to presenting calls-to-action, from brand awareness to retention, content marketing is a winning approach to sneak past the defenses modern consumers have against “hard sells” and traditional marketing techniques and position your organization as an ally instead of just another company.

Like any other marketing strategy, content marketing is only effective when it has clearly defined goals and desired outcomes. The success of a content strategy depends on developing and executing a strategic approach that aligns your content to what you hope to achieve.

Instead of many other resources for every step and permutation of developing a content strategy so that it can be overwhelming to try and piece together the whole process. CONCURED has put together a broad-ranging and comprehensive overview of planning a content strategy for 2019.

This guide defines your goals and outcomes, determine the content strategy processes and the best content marketing tools you may need to use, as well as tactics to test, assess and improve your content marketing strategy.

The Content of “The Ultimate Content Strategy Guide”:

  • Introduction
  • What Is Content Marketing
  • What Is Content Strategy
  • The Process: Five Steps to a Content Strategy
    1. Define Your Goals and Outcomes
    2. Study the Battlefield
    3. Determine Your Processes and Tools
    4. Make the Magic Happen
    5. Test, Assess, and Improve

Number of Pages:

  • 35 Pages


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Founded in 2015, CONCURED helps content marketers tackle the biggest challenges they face by leveraging the latest advances in Artificial Intelligence.CONCURED is considered the world’s first AI powered Content Strategy Platform (CSP) that guides the ultimate strategy that will beat competitors, save hours, harmonize teams and prove ROI.The Company's mission is to help its customers navigate the increasingly difficult world of content by listening, innovating and creating the best tools possible.

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