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The Ultimate Guide to Content Insights | Uberflip

Content Marketing

Content has a direct relationship with decision making because it benefits the end user by providing the information they need to make a purchasing decision.

Via the below tips you will learn how to make the right processes & tools to gather analytics, implement scoring, prove ROI, and create accurate reports on your content marketing efforts to provide the insights you need to measure the content marketing performance:

  • Some key metrics to consider:
    • Views/Visitors/Sessions.
    • Comments.
    • New Views/Visitors/Sessions.
    • Time on Site.
    • Unique Views/Visitors/Sessions.
    • Bounce Rate.
  • Here are some sharing metrics to consider (which can be gathered using a number of platforms).
    • Shares/Share Ratio.
    • Email Forwards.
    • Social Engagements.
    • Backlinks.
  • Here are also some lead gen metrics to consider:
    • Form Submissions / Submission Rate.
    • Demo Requests / Free Trials.
    • Subscriptions.
    • Lead Sources.

The Ultimate Guide to Content Insights | Uberflip


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