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Video for Social, Part 2: You’ve Made the Video; Now Make the Video Work for You | Wpromote

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There’s been an explosion of growth in video on social media in recent years. Video can be a successful investment for brands willing to learn how to use it. But making a video just isn’t enough: what do you do once your creative has been made?

The second part of Wpromote’s Video for Social white paper series will take you through how to use your new video assets to get the most value for your brand.

The guide will teach you also how video can be used across the funnel to build brand awareness, retarget users, and reward potential customers.

The Three Funnel Categories for Video Creation of Social Media

A Figure Shows the Three Funnel Categories for Video Creation of Social Media

Don’t Forget to Check “The First Part of Video for Social Guide” to know how to create video content and boost engagement on social media.

Download the second part of Wpromote’s “Video for Social” guide to learn some innovative strategies and crucial insights, such as:

  • Using Video Across the Funnel: All about the top-, mid-, and bottom-funnel strategies.
  • Understanding Your video KPIs: Know which indicators will matter the most.
  • Implementing Smart Testing: Increase the effectiveness of your video content.
  • Creating a Cross-Channel Brand Story: Help customers engage more with your video content.

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What’s in the Second Part of “Video for Social” Guide:

  • So You’ve Got Video; Now What?
  • Using Video Across the Funnel
  • Know Your KPIs & Invest in Smart Testing
  • Leveraging Your Video for Cross-Channel, Integrated Success
  • Addressing Concerns About Bandwidth & Resources
  • Putting It All Together

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