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What is Content Intelligence? And How Will it Change Content Marketing | CONCURED

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Needless to say, content marketing has proven to be the most appealing marketing strategy for online businesses due to its effectiveness. However, it can feel a lot like shouting into a void and hoping for an echo. It’s a serious issue and it’s only getting worse.

So, it’s time for Content Intelligence. It offers content marketers with the data they need to better understand their target audience, what their strategy should be and prove ROI. Content Intelligence also enables content marketers to gain valuable insights from volumes of data that help make better, data-driven decisions, justify decisions and manage upwards more effectively.

This whitepaper provides you with information about how and why content intelligence is disrupting content marketing in order to understand content intelligence, improve your content strategy, learn how to understand Big Data, as well as learning how to measure ROI.

What is Content Intelligence? And how will it change content marketing - Learn About Marketing Funnel Levels and the Purposes of Content Within Those Levels

Download the Whitepaper and Learn About Marketing Funnel Levels and the Purposes of Content Within Those Levels

The Content of “What is Content Intelligence?” Whitepaper:

  • Introduction
  • What Is Content Intelligence
  • Reducing the Shouting
  • Increasing Engagement
  • The ROI Problem
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Shifting the SEO Game
  • Using This Power Responsibly

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  • 16 Pages


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Founded in 2015, CONCURED helps content marketers tackle the biggest challenges they face by leveraging the latest advances in Artificial Intelligence.CONCURED is considered the world’s first AI powered Content Strategy Platform (CSP) that guides the ultimate strategy that will beat competitors, save hours, harmonize teams and prove ROI.The Company's mission is to help its customers navigate the increasingly difficult world of content by listening, innovating and creating the best tools possible.

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