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90% of Digital Shoppers in the US Are Buying Clothes Online, 2018 | FieldAgent

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In the US, 9 out of 10 of online shoppers depend mainly on online shopping to buy apparel. In the other side, 74% of online shoppers are buying more than one-tenth of their groceries online, compared to only 16% who are doing so but for more than the half.

80% of online shoppers are buying groceries and household consumables online through, while comes in the second place with 71%.

In terms of most used devices in online shopping, smartphones grabbed the usage of 90% of US online shoppers, followed by the laptop computers with a rate of 68%.

The United States Digital Shoppers and Online Purchasing Attitudes 2018

A Graph Shows the US Digital Shoppers’ Attitudes in 2018

For more information, kindly check “The Digital Shopper, 2018“ full report.


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