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Over Two-Thirds of Saudi Smartphone Users Are Online for over 2 Hours a Day, Q4 2016 | On Device Research

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Over two-thirds of Saudi smartphone users online for over two hours a day. That made the mobile a true mass media form and offers marketers the reach and frequency of exposure required to build brand awareness.

27% of smartphone users research products or services to buy on their mobile phone and 77% have purchased a product or service on their smartphone in the past three months, while a quarter of consumers now being prompted to conduct mobile research by TV ads.

The top media forms used by Saudi Arabians in 2016 are Mobile Web with a rate of 91%, followed by TV with a rate of 81%, then on-demand TV with a rate of 77%.

91% of Smartphone Owners in KSA Use Mobile Internet on a Weekly Basis, Q4 2016 On Device Research

A Graph Shows The Mobile Path to Purchase in Saudi Arabia.

On Device Research

On Device Research is a mobile sampling and technology company that connects brands with mobile consumers any time and place. Mobile research brings fresh, instant responses that accurately capture consumer’s feelings, thoughts and opinions, in a quick and cost-effective way. The mobile internet is connecting the previously unconnected in emerging markets, but as the world moves towards a mobile-only society, web-enabled mobile devices are becoming the only way to reach out to every continent in one research project using consistent methodology; providing valuable data to clients with wide-reaching business implications.

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