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Too Many Ads on The Internet is The Main Motivation Factor For Using Ad-Blocking Tools at a Rate of 48%, 2018 | GlobalWebIndex

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Ads-frustration, whether from annoyance with ads or a feeling that they’re excessive, is the most popular motivation to block ads in all age groups. Unwanted advertising can also harm the advertisers themselves if users become annoyed by the ads. Irritated users might make a conscious effort to avoid the goods and services of firms which are using annoying “pop-up” ads which block the Internet content the user is trying to view.

Take a glance at the top Ad-blocking tools usage motivation factors:

  • There are too many Ads on the internet is the main motivation for using Ad-blocking tools at a rate of 48%.
  • Too many annoying Ads are annoying or irrelevant is ranked as the second motivating factor for using Ads blocking software at a rate of 47%.
  • Too intrusive Ads comes at next as a motivation factor for using Ad-blocking tools at a rate of 44%.
The Ad-Blocking Motivation Factors, 2017.

A Graph Shows The Ad-Blocking Usage Motivation Factors, 2018.


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