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The Average Installs Per Application YOY Growth Rate by Its Category, 2018

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The mobile app marketing industry is powered by several business models. From one-off payments to costs-per-metric, there is a number of models for mobile app marketers to choose from upon launching an app advertising campaign. CPI, or cost per install, is one of them, and while on the surface the name makes it sound deceptively simply pay-per-install means you pay when someone installs your application, there is actually plenty of nuance to it. App marketers are in a tough ever-increasing competition and so to meet their marketing goals, they may utilize all these models. Mobile apps flood the market today and they are developed for various functions, such as entertainment, food delivery, taxi service, photo editing, learning, language translation, communication, shopping, videos, games, music, news, weather, and a lot more.

Take a glance at the average installs per application by its category YOY growth in 2018:

  • Finance applications are ranked as the most application category with average installs YOY growth rate of 138% in 2018 compared to 65% in 2017.
  • Travel applications category is ranked as the second most average installs rate YOY growth with 27% in 2018 compared to 18% in 2017.
  • Maps & navigation application category come at next with a YOY growth rate of 25% in 2018, compared to a 2% YOY average installs in 2017.
Avg installs per app by category 2018.

A Graph Shows The Average Installs Per Application YOY Growth by Its Category in 2018.


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