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47% of Small & Medium Businesses in Australia Use the Internet for Procurement, 2017 | Sensis

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E-commerce is a major reason why small and medium businesses (SMBs) in Australia use the internet with 36% of them use it to take orders and 47% use it to receive payments.

Approximately three-quarters (74%) of SMBs surveyed take up e-commerce to provide better customer service, while 62% do so to improve delivery and 59% to handle customers’ and suppliers’ requests.

In terms of e-commerce tools that SMBs in Australia use more, 47% indicated that they use cloud computing, 45% use online advertising and another 45% use SEO. It worth to be mentioned that, 33% of SMBs that use e-commerce made most of their sales online.

How Australian SMBs Use E-Commerce and Online Marketing in 2017

Infographic Shows How SMBs in Australia Use E-Commerce and Online Marketing in 2017


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