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Instant Confirmations for Transactions is The Top Factor That Enhances The Customer’s Online Banking Experience & Security at a Rate of 72%, 2018 | Experian

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Digital modernization gives traditional banks a second chance. A smart, enterprise-wide approach positions them to deepen customer satisfaction and loyalty, driving long-term relationships and profitability. Strong financial products and services are still essential. Digital banking is the move to online banking where banking services are delivered over the internet. The advantages for banks and customers are providing more convenient and faster banking services.

Take a glance at the top 3 features that would improve the customer’s online banking experience & security:

  • Instant confirmations for transactions is ranked as the top factor that enhances the online banking experience at a rate of 72%.
  • Easy to report lost or stolen cards or suspected fraudulent behavior is ranked as the second important factor that improves the digital banking experience for customers with a rate of 69%.
  • Ability to call up and download transaction history comes at next with a rate of 66%.
The Top 3 Features That Would Enhance The Online Banking Experience & Security, 2018.

A Graph Shows The Top 3 Features That Would Improve The Digital Banking Experience & Security, 2018.


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