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Women Globally Are More Likely Than Men to Receive Unwanted Calls, 2018 | Truecaller

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A recent study conducted by Truecaller revealed that women around the world receive more spam calls than men and also they block 19% more unwanted calls than men.
In some countries (e.g. India, Nigeria, Morocco, Kenya, Sri Lanka, Jordan and Ghana) men receive more spam calls than women but women are more likely to take an action to report these calls than men. In other countries (e.g. the US, the UK, Egypt, Bangladesh, Puerto Rico, Libya and Algeria) women receive more spam calls and they also more likely to take actions and punish or call out the harasser by reporting the number to Truecaller.

Who is receiving more unwanted calls, men or women? Truecaller Insights

A Graph Shows a Comparision Between Men and Women in 22 Country who Receiving Unwanted Calls and Who Reporting Them


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