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Online Retailers Depend on Video & Mobile Ads to Drive Sales in the First Quarter of 2018 on Facebook | Nanigans

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Facebook is a highly valued channel for online retailers to drive more sales from new and existing customers, retailers are growing their usage and spending on video & mobile ads budget on Facebook.

Online retailers are also increasing the usage of video ads, with spending rate 139% quarter over quarter, while the spending of the year over year of Q1 2018 budget growth increased by 206%.

E-commerce advertisers are increasing their spending budget on mobile ads as shoppers browse and buy across devices. The average mobile ad budgets increased by 38% quarter over quarter and 88% for the year over year in Q1 2018.

Online Retailers Are Increasing Their Video & Mobile Ads Budget on Facebook

A Graph Shows the Average Spending on Video & Mobile Ads, 2018.

For more information, kindly check the “Global Facebook Advertising Benchmark Report Q1 2018“ full report.


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