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Once Again, Qatar Led the MEA Region in Average Connection Speed in Q1 2017 | Akamai

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In the first quarter of 2017, Qatar grabbed again the first level in average connection speeds with an average of 13.7 Mbps, followed by Israel (13.7 Mbps), Kenya (12.2 Mbps), and then the United Arab Emirates (8.6 Mbps). Egypt lags behind all MEA countries in this metric with an average connection speed of (2 Mbps).
In terms of average peak connection speed, Qatar also led all MEA countries, surpassing the 100 Mbps threshold for the first time. Israel also ranked the second with an average of 99.1 Mbps, followed by the United Arab Emirates (81.1 Mbps), and then Kuwait (55.3 Mbps).

Once Again, Qatar Led the MEA Region in Internet Speed in Q1 2017 Akamai


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