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Verifying Identities Using Email Address Verification Method in Order to Complete an Online Payment Transaction is The Most Accepted by Online Shoppers With a Rate of 86%, 2018 | Feedzai

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The acceleration of e-payments has supported e-commerce and brought significant benefits. For many businesses, the great combination of e-payments and other online tools can mean easier access to a much wider customer base throughout a country or region, or across the globe. In turn, this has provided customers with greater convenience and choice. However, while the digital world is theoretically border less, national and regional boundaries have not gone away. The global e-commerce still faces a range of challenges and restrictions on the international supply, use, and availability of e-payment services are among them.

Take a glance at how online shoppers interact with the following actions to verify their identities in order to complete an online payment transaction:

  • 86% reported that they agree to verify their identities via an email address verification action.
  • 83% said that they like to verify their identities with entering a code sent to their phone.
  • 57% mentioned that they agree to answer a security question over their phone.
How would online shoppers Interact With Those Identities Verification Actions in Order To Complete an Online Payment Transaction, 2018.

A Graph Shows How Would Online Shoppers Interact With Those Identities Verification Actions in Order To Complete an Online Payment Transaction, 2018.


Feedzai is a data science company that detects fraud in omni-channel commerce. The company uses real-time, machine learning to analyze big data to identify fraudulent payment transactions and minimize risk in the financial industries. Founded and developed by data scientists and aerospace engineers, Feedzai has one critical mission: make commerce safe. The world’s largest banks, payment providers and retailers use Feedzai’s machine learning technology to manage risks associated with banking and shopping, whether it’s in person, online or via mobile devices.


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