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Knowing That The Bank is Protecting Client’s Money is Ranked as The Top Factor That Could Reduce Worries About Online Security With a Rate of 65%, 2018 | LloydsBank

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The payment approaches via the internet and the network are growing at a furious pace. In this way, the variety of electronic payment systems consists of numerous types to achieve a strong level of security. However, in parallel, the attacks procedures and strategies are as advanced as security solutions. Identity theft is a crime in which a fraudster obtains key pieces of personal data, such as bank information, date of birth or driver’s license numbers, in order to impersonate somebody. The personal data exposed is then used criminally to apply for credit, buying goods and services, or gain the right of entry to bank accounts.

Take a glance at the factors that could reduce worries about online security:

  • Knowing that the bank is protecting their client’s money is ranked as the top factor that could reduce worries about online security with a rate of 65%.
  • Clear indication on a website that the page is secured ranked as the second top factor with a rate of 56%.
  • If businesses were to be fined if they didn’t have secure sites comes at next with a rate of 40%.
The Factors That Could Reduce Worries About Online Security.

A Graph Shows The Factors That Could Reduce Worries About Online Security.

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