Demographic of Egyptian Internet Users | Top Sites in Egypt in Dec. 2017

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Online Unique Browsers in Egypt Reached Over 30 Million During December 2017 | Narratiive

| Egypt

During December 2017, the Egyptian online unique browsers decreased by 0.43% to reach over 30 million UBs. The Daily average unique browsers also decreased by 1.44% to record almost 3 million UBS. The total number of page views that occurred during this period reached over 702 million PVs.

In terms of the demographic characteristics of Egyptian internet users, males grabbed the highest rate with 63% of internet users are males versus 37% are females. 44% are in their 20s, 21% are students, and 37% are the main decision maker in the household.

Finally and in terms of the top sites in Egypt, ranked the first level, followed by Al Masry Al Youm, and then – Sarmady


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