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Worrying About Identities to Be Taken Online is The Top Internet Security Concern in The UK With a Rate of 65%, 2018 | LloydsBanking

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Privacy and security concerns of consumers have been touted as one of the barriers to the growth of any online transaction. These concerns increase the risk perception of consumers. Understanding the consequences of privacy and security concerns and their relationship to risk perceptions may provide a solution. The relationship between privacy and security is investigated using the theory of planned behavior.

Take a glance at the top UK consumers concerns about online security:

  • 65% reported that they are worried about having their identity taken.
  • 49% said that they are worried about losing money & not getting it back again.
  • 47% indicated that they don’t like the idea of being monitored online.
The Concerns About Online Security, 2018.

A Graph Shows The Top UK Consumers Concerns About Online Security, 2018.

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