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Top Fraud Attacks That Faces Companies in 2019

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There are many types of online fraud attacks that hit businesses hard such as phishing scams, ID theft and many more. These attacks are a savvy mix of social engineering and identity theft that manages to trick individuals into revealing their personal information. In the most common phishing scams, fraudsters contact victims and pose as an authority figure from a legitimate company. The fraudster then tries to get the victim to reveal any of their confidential data, such as passwords and account numbers. Even hackers can add malicious JavaScript snippets to checkout pages in some of the e-commerce websites.

Take a glance at the top fraud attacks that companies have been experienced the most, 2019:

  • Phishing, pharming or whaling is ranked as the most fraud attack type that surveyed companies are facing with a rate of 45%.
  • ID theft is ranked as the second most experienced fraud attack type by surveyed companies with a rate of 42%.
  • Account takeover comes at next as fraud attack type been experienced by surveyed companies with a rate of 37%.
  • Card testing also listed as one of the top fraud attacks types that companies experienced with a rate of 36%.
  • Friendly fraud also ranked as a fraud attack type that faces surveyed companies with a rate of 33%.
The Top 10 E-commerce Fraud Experienced Attacks 2019

A Figure Shows The Top 10 Experienced E-Commerce Fraud Attacks, 2019.


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