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Uber Had the Highest Taxi-Service Calls in MENA, Q4 2016 | Truecaller

Consumer Behavior | Egypt

By Looking at incoming vs. outgoing calls among the 3 main players in cab hailing services in MENA region – Uber, Careem & Allo – Uber had the highest call volume with 723,000 calls to its users (outbound), while 422,000 calls were made by users to the company (inbound); which totaled 1.14 million calls between Uber and its users.

Careem users received 347,000 calls from the company in Q4 2016 and called the company 90,000 times; which totaled 437,000 calls.

Finally, Allo users received 305,000 calls from the company in Q4 and called the company 103,000 times; which calculated 408,000 calls.

Uber Had the Highest Taxi-Service Calls in MENA, Q4 2016 | Truecaller 1 | Digital Marketing Community

This data was aggregated anonymously from incoming and outgoing calls to the cab hailing service providers in selected parts of the MENA region (countries include: Lebanon, Egypt, Tunisia, Yemen, Morocco, Jordan, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Israel) during the period of October 1st, 2016 to December 31th, 2016.


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