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The United Kingdom Is the 5th Largest Games Market in the World in 2017 | Newzoo

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The 5th largest games market in the world in 2017 is the United Kingdom market which holds 32.4 million gamers and spend $4.2 billion this year. It is almost equally between males and females – 52% of gamers in the UK are males most of them aged between 21-35 accounting for 18% of male mobile gamers and 17% female mobile gamers.

Half of the gamers in the UK who watch gaming video content watch also let’s plays walkthroughs and 32% play PC, mobile & console games. Moreover, more than a quarter of mobile players and payers in the UK are using EE as their mobile network provider.

The United Kingdom Is the 5th Largest Games Market in the World in 2017 | Newzoo

Graph shows the Key Numbers of UK Games Market in 2017.


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