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52% of Small & Medium Businesses in Australia Have a Website, 2017 | Sensis

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9 in 10 of small and medium businesses (SMBs) in Australia were connected to the internet in 2017. 52% of these businesses already have a website and only 6% of those who don’t have a website intends to build one within the upcoming year.

Half of the respondents indicated that having a website helped them to increase their business effectiveness, while 37% claimed that websites have a role in increasing customer awareness and only 18% saw that websites increased sales/orders.

Australian small and medium websites spent an average of $2,800 building and maintaining websites down from $3,300 last year. In terms of the main features of these websites, 21% of SMBs use video, 62% use product images, 37% include prices and 87% use location map.

52% of Small Medium Enterprises in Australia Have a Good Website, 2017

Infographic Shows How Australian Small & Medium Businesses Use Websites in 2017


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