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The Content Company is a creative content writing agency in Toronto, Canada that helps make sure your content resonates with your audience and meets your business goals.The Content Company is a relatively new player in the world of content creation, but behind the scenes, it has a couple decades’ worth of experience and fine-tuning.The Content Company had a full-service marketing agency in the GTA for a few years around 2006. That was a tremendous learning experience and certainly set the tone for what it is doing now.After moving on from that venture, TCC Content Manager Ken started life as a freelance writer and President Cara took a position with one of the larger SEO companies in Canada.A few years went by and The Content Company each learned everything we could about the world of online marketing and content creation. Eventually, The Content Company realized it was time to get back into it, only this time with a singular focus on one element of the marketing puzzle.The Content Company believes in providing the highest quality content for its clients, which will satisfy search engines and speak to the humans that you want to buy your products and services. If you can’t please both, you’re in trouble.

The Content Company Scope of Services:

  • Blog Posts
  • E-Book Content
  • Email Campaign Content
  • Home Page Content
  • Landing Page Content
  • Press Releases
  • Product Descriptions
  • Title Creation
  • Website Pages
  • White Papers

The Content Company Top Clients:

  • W3 Affinity
  • Pick a Bloom
  • Coffuel
  • iCode


Expires on 2019-12-05

Job Type Freelance Experience Needed N/A

Freelance Content Editor

The Content Company is looking for a Freelance Content Editor in Ontario, Canada. If you meet the requirements below, you will be eligible to apply via Digital Marketing Community.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Receive content orders from your reporting Account Manager.
  • Edit with perfect accuracy various writing projects.
  • Deliver the finished projects to your Account Manager for delivery to the client.
  • Upload the finished pieces to a shared folder for the client.

Job Requirements:

  • Effective experience working in a home office environment.
  • Proficient experience in content editing and/or content writing.
  • Expert working knowledge of online marketing, SEO and traditional copywriting.
  • Deep working knowledge of the inbound marketing process.
  • A slightly split personality that hovers between introversion and extroversion.
  • Laser-Focused Attention to detail.
  • Ability and willingness to sit for long periods of editing content.
  • Ability to manage a team of remote writers (based all over North America).
  • You aren’t stressed out by the fact that you may be knee-deep in editing for several hours at a time.
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