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The Top Goals of Producing Content for B2B Organizations, 2019

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Effective B2B content marketing isn’t a matter of writing a 200-word blog post a few times a week or posting the intermittent public relations piece of content. If that’s all content marketing is for a B2B organization, they’d be better off investing that time into some other marketing channel. Effective B2B content marketing operates off the same principle that has made non-commercial content machines. Unlike most of the marketing content, building an audience isn’t about selling product or services. It’s about giving people information or something that they value. Maybe special information that helps the audience or even discussing a concept in an entertaining way.

Take a glance at the top goals of producing content for B2B organizations, 2019:

  • Boosting sales/converting customers is the main goal of producing content by surveyed B2B organizations with a rate of 29%.
  • Building relationships with new customers is ranked as the second top goal for B2B organizations of producing content with a rate of 19%.
  • Increasing brand awareness comes next as a goal of producing content by surveyed B2B organizations with a rate of 18%.
  • Maintaining relationships with existing customers also listed as a goal for B2B organizations from producing content with a rate of 16%.
  • Earning more credibility through thought leadership exposure is also a goal of producing content for surveyed B2B organizations with a rate of 12%.
top goals of producing content for b2b organizations 2019

A Chart Shows The Top B2B Organizations’ Goals When it Comes to Producing Content, 2019.

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