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Job Type Full Time Experience Needed 4-5 years Career Level INTERMEDIATE

Online Marketing Project Manager

IstiZada is looking for an Online Marketing Project Manager. If you meet the requirements below, you will be eligible to apply via Digital Marketing Community.

Job Responsibilities:

leading and implementing a variety of different online marketing campaigns for clients in Arabic and English.
Many aspects of the job will be directly executed by the project manager while other aspects will be tasked out to other specialists.
The position requires a strong understanding of marketing and the ability to learn quickly in a rapidly changing landscape.
The ideal candidate will be technical, creative, and have the ability to regularly interface with clients.
This is not a social media marketing position. SEO and PPC experience are a big advantage but not required.

Job Qualifications:

1-3 years marketing background.
Bi-lingual in Arabic and English.
Detail oriented.
Experience with creative idea generation.
Arabic writing experience.
VERY organized and great at managing deadlines.
Comfortable playing implementation roles, as well as driving strategy.
Strong analytical background and experience using Excel for business.
Experienced in managing client relationships in English.
Willingness to help develop internal processes to maximize efficiency.
Ability to perform basic programing tasks in HTML and CSS.
General understand of the Internet and how it works.
Comfortable dealing with clients remotely through technologies like Skype and GoToMeeting.
Self motivated, doesn’t need to be micro-managed.
Previous experience with creating or managing a website is a plus.
SEO and PPC experience are a big advantage but not required.

Here’s what  IstiZada to offer:

Creative workspace.
Education. Learn skills that will make you successful in any career.
Love the Internet? You will get to surf the web all day at this job.
Opportunity to work with clients and brands from around the world.
Flexible hours
Be part of expanding the reach and availability of the Internet to Arabic speakers in their own language.

What an IstiZada employee looks like :

Innovative – In the rapidly changing world of online marketing, what worked yesterday won’t always work today. Knowing how to come up with creative solutions to new challenges is key to the success of any of our employees.

Independent – All team members will be responsible for their own success. This means we will give you a tremendous amount of freedom in your job so you can come up with creative ideas to help your clients be successful. With great freedom comes great responsibility though.

Team Player – You can’t be great at everything so in order to succeed you will need to learn how to work with both internal and external teams to achieve the best results.

Competitive – Online marketing is extremely competitive. In many situations your client’s success will mean some sort of failure for another company. At other times you may experience a temporary failure for your client. It is key that you don’t let your successes or failures stop you from pressing on to achieve the best results for your clients regardless of the current circumstances.

Empowered – We believe that every team member has a unique path they are on and a dream they are trying to achieve. We want to play a role in helping you reach your dream through your experiences working at IstiZada.

About IstiZada:

IstiZada is a full service internet marketing agency which focuses on the Middle East and the Arabic speaking world. Based in Amman Jordan, IstiZada is strategically situated to deliver great service and amazing results for our clients in the Middle East and North Africa. IstiZada helps clients both in and outside of the Middle East reach Arabs in lucrative markets like the GCC, the Levant, and North Africa in both Arabic and English. Notable areas of expertise include: Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click Advertising, Social Media, Arabic localization, and translation. We partner with agencies and businesses around the world, opening their doors to the rapidly growing Arab market.

If you meet the qualifications for this position please fill out this Form. 

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