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Group Planning Is Now Available on Google Maps

This week, Google announced on its official blog that finally, they are launching a new feature called “Group Planning” on its Google Maps product. Accordingly, Group Planning feature will enable all users worldwide to plan with their friends and decide where to go as a group. Group Planning Is Now Available on Google Maps 1 | Digital Marketing Community

Five months ago, Google announced on an official blog post that they were working on a new version of Google Maps that will launch later this summer. It also pointed out that its team has now built a new set of features that are all about exploration. Since then, some of those announced features have already launched especially those focused on discovery and exploration tools, but “group planning” was still the only missing feature. Now, group planning is available globally on Google Maps. This Google Maps new feature is more enjoyable and helpful for users who love to organize an outing in a group of more than two people, as it enables them to plan their outings, pick a place for dinner or any other outings without too many text messages.

How to make better use of Group Planning?

There are simple tips to make the best use of Google Maps new feature “Group Planning”, such as:

  1. First, you should long tap on any location or place you want to check-in, in order to add it to a shortlist – the small floating bubble on the side of your screen.
  2. Once you’ve added places, you can quickly share the list with your friends on any messaging platform.
  3. After sharing this list with your friends, they will able to vote on where to go.
  4. Additionally, Group members can also veto places by removing them from the shortlist and add other ones that they’d prefer.
  5. Once you have created a list, you can share it just like any other link and your friends will be taken right to Google Maps on mobile or the web to join in the planning fun.
  6. To get started, download the Google Maps app or update it from the Play Store or App Store.

Group Planning Is Now Available on Google Maps 2 | Digital Marketing Community

In the same announcement, Google mentions that the group planning feature will be available on Android and iOS this week.

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