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Instagram Tests New Ways for Easy Stories Scrolling

Instagram is trying out better ways to go through Instagram Stories feed easily so that people can reach more relating and interesting content. It is proven by Reverse engineering expert Jane Manchun Won that as an example of the newly tested feature, users will be able to reveal Instagram Stories tray at the top of the screen when they side down the main Stories frame, and easily switch through to each story.

Wong also stated that Instagram went through phases of testing another variation of the same in the past which encouraged chief Adam Mosseri to reopen discussions in testing new options that help people to easily navigate through their Stories feed.

Instagram Stories' New Scrolling Feature 2020 | DMC

Adam Mosseri’s Poll on Twitter

Given this, the option itself would provide a better, less perplexing user experience of Stories. More importantly, It would be helpful in leading the promotional shift in social media. It can also be seen that over the past few years, Facebook has repeatedly stated that Stories are about to take the lead in the world of social media engagement.

Yet, despite the increasing usage of Stories, the news feed remains the dominant presentation mode in Facebook’s apps, with the main feed taking up the vast majority of screen real estate on both Instagram and Facebook.

On the contrary, the news feed still remains Facebook’s main objective in which users are exposed to content posted on it. If Stories are seeing more usage, should that change – should Stories eventually get more focus than your regular feed? And if so, how would that work?

Moreover, with Stories grabbing more attention, should that change? And if Stories should eventually get more focus, how would that work?

How Will The New Instagram Stories Feature Work? 

Bearing this in mind, maybe, Instagram will change to be a full-screen Stories view, that allows you to swipe to reach the latest. For their part, Instagram has already considered this along with how people can use the app, also, that would give less focus on the priority of photography.

It can also be seen that the new change could be an effective step for Instagram that might lead to a conclusion that users are engaging more with Stories than the main feed, thus, Instagram might then need to give more focus to Stories and let it take the lead as a primary function.

The trends along with users’ experience suggest that all the roads lead to this, and this experience will take another step along the path. Despite the fact that how you can view Stories can be seen as a minor update, it can be very effective in the near future.

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