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9 Ways to Increase Social Media Engagement | B.LOVED Hive

Social Media Marketing

Social media engagement is basically like a long-term relationship takes dedication, readiness to adapt and the ability to think about the future.

Here are some tips for increasing engagement on social media:

  1. Follow brands and influencers who fit your own style to increase your own follower numbers.
  2. Start posting longer captions such as sharing personal stories, asking questions that are relevant to your audience and inspiring quotes & affirmations.
  3. Be sure to reply all comments. The quickest way to make your followers feel loved is to reply to each & every comment they make on your feed to prove that you’re a human, not a robot.
  4. Make sure to use all social media features such as IG stories, Facebook live broadcasts…, etc.
  5. Use the popular hashtags for your industry and sector because they can help potential clients find you.
  6. Share advice with your followers to create a discussion with them and build trust with potential clients.
  7. Post regularly and establish a regular frequency of posts to keep fresh content in front of your audience.
  8. Choose a profile photo that represents your brand, either your logo or a headshot of you.
  9. Use analytics tools because this will help you be more targeted in your content and approach.

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