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Musical GIFs Are Available Now on SnapChat

Snapchat is trying to add more bells and whistles in order to provide an enjoyable, exciting, and funny platform for all Snapchatters around the world.

A few days ago, Snapchat launched new additional option to its features and services. It succeeded in forming a new partnership with TuneMoji, a musical GIF chat app, which plays a snippet of a chosen song along with the moving image.

TuneMoji – that was Founded in 2014 and now has more than 20 million users, most of them coming this year, works a little like Giphy, enabling a searchable gallery of GIFs which users can set to different songs and sounds, all of which are licensed and they can then choose a messaging app to share the selected musical GIF on.

Snap Tunemoji integration

According to that partnership between Snap Inc. and TuneMoji, Snapchatters now have the ability to post musical GIFs to a chat or to their own Story.

Yet, there are some steps that should be made to access the Snapchat new option, such as that users have to download and install both TuneMoji and Snapchat apps on their phones, then they need to search within TuneMoji, then share their selected musical GIF to Snapchat.

On the other hand, there is one bad drawback, which is that users can’t send musical GIFs from inside the Snapchat app, but they need to close the app and sign in TuneMoji and send their selected Gifs through it. It should be mentioned that TuneMoji’s integration is one of the first Snap Kit partnerships.

Other early launches include Tinder, creator fundraising site Patreon, and logistics service Postmates. Also, it should be kept in mind that, until recently, Snapchat has been slow to introduce third-party extras to its app, but its strategy changed after launching Snap Kit platform.

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