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Snapchat Says it Will Fact-check Political Ads

Evan Spiegel, Snapchat co-founder and chief executive has said the platform will fact-check all political ads that run on its platform, laying bare the contrast in approaches between social networks.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has defended Facebook’s decision not to fact-check political ads, and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey decided to ban all political advertising, though the company is now struggling to define what actually qualifies as a political advertisement. Google, which also owns YouTube, has remained quiet on the matter.

“We subject all advertising to review, including political advertising,” he said. “And I think what we try to do is create a place for political ads on our platform, especially because we reach so many young people and first-time voters, we want them to be able to engage with the political conversation, but we don’t allow things like misinformation to appear in that advertising.”

Snapchat’s process involves a human compliance review of every ad, not just political ones, by an internal team. The company says only a small number of advertisements have been rejected under this process.

On CNBC, Spiegel compared the company’s policy to those of cable TV networks, which are not required to adhere to the FCC’s rules that don’t allow broadcast networks to prohibit political ads based on accuracy.

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