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2017 Mobile Maturity Survey in the US: Touching the Infinity | Adobe


Mobile technology enables us to access limitless goods and services, connected devices and digital experiences at any point and time. Mobile is replacing the desktop as the primary mean of online access in the home. Mobile represents almost 2 out of every 3 digital media minutes. Mobile also is changing how people shop. It will play a role at many points along customer’s journey – from research and reviews to cost comparison and purchase.

Check the mobile marketing in the US and development tactics, investments and evaluates leading companies’ progress toward increasing mobile maturity and being mobile-first:

US Organization’s Mobile Strategy:

  • The majority of leading marketers have had a well-defined mobile strategy for at least 2 years.
  • About half of marketing decision-makers said their mobile strategy currently contributes to cross-channel (53%), data-driven (49%) and customer experience efforts (47%).
  • 79% of marketing decision-makers ranked mobile apps as very or extremely important, and 88% feel the same about mobile websites.

US Organization’s Investment in Mobile:

  • 28% of marketing decision-makers invested $500K to $1M in mobile apps development, and 29% did so in mobile websites.
  • 60% indicated that they increased their mobile apps budget, and 69% did the same for mobile websites.

US Organization’s Mobile Team:

  • 86% of marketing decision-makers and 94% of IT decision-makers said their organization has a centralized mobile leadership team in charge of the consumer mobile experience.
  • 80% of marketing decision-makers and 90% of IT decision-makers indicated that they’ve got a team dedicated to creating and publishing mobile apps.
The US Mobile Maturity Survey, 2017: Touching the Infinity | Adobe

2 Graphs Show the Investment of Organizations in the US in Mobile Apps and Mobile Websites According to Marketing and IT Desition-Makers, 2017


Data were driven from 304 respondents (254 Marketing DMs and 50 IT DMs) from the United States. The survey was conducted on October 16, 2016.

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