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2017 The State of B2B Digital in the UAE | Omobono

B2B Digital Marketing | UAE

“The UAE is rich in ambition and potential. This confidence has kept the country alert to the accelerating forces of global change and ready to reshape itself, beyond traditional forms of business, for the digital age.” Said Hadley Newman, Managing Director in Omobono Middle East.

In this context, Omobono has conducted a survey on a sample of senior digital marketing and business executives in the UAE to explore how is business reaching, engaging and winning customers through digital communications? How should marketers work with the internal and external resource to drive competitive advantage? And how can businesses within the UAE use digital to better prepare for the marketing requirements of tomorrow?

Results revealed that the vast majority of B2B marketers in the UAE consider digital important to achieving their marketing goals and 16% believe it is critical. Most of them consider developing the brand position, gaining a deeper understanding of the target market and launching a new product or service the top three B2B marketing priorities for their organizations.

The top three B2B marketing priorities for their organizations.

A Graph Shows the Top B2B Marketing Priorities for B2B Marketers in UAE – 2017

Table of Content:

  • Introduction.
  • The Era of Opportunity.
  • Adopt. Adapt. Accelerate.
  • Masters of Digital.
  • The Road Map of Digital Success.

Number of Pages:

  • 41 Pages.


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The study was based on online, face-to-face and in-depth interviews, and open-ended opinion from CMOs, marketing directors and the digital marketing heads of leading companies within the UAE across 12 industry segments including Banking & Finance, Professional Service, Leisure, Transport, Consumer Electronics, Telecom, and Automotive.


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