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2018 Canadian E-Commerce Monitor | Ayima & Insights West

E-Commerce & Retail | Canada

Homegrown Canadian Retailers are struggling to compete with international rivals who have successfully moved into the Canadian market, with 77% of Canadians online shoppers have made a purchase from Amazon. eBay also grabbed its market share among Canadian younger generation up to par with elder generation. In the same context, The State of Canadian E-commerce report came to illustrate the crucial data of e-commerce in Canada in 2018.

An Overview of E-Commerce in Canada in 2018

  • 72% of Canadian online shoppers aged 18-34 year-olds and 65% of 35-54-year-olds browse online with intention of buying something.
  • 47% use social media at least once a month for inspiration to help them buy a service or product
  • 48% of 35-54 year-olds shoppers and 47% of 18-34-year-olds shoppers click on search engine ads.
  • 75% consider free shipping is a key factor when deciding what site to buy from.
  • In terms of mobile shopping, 53% find typing in checkout fields a major hurdle to shopping on a mobile device, while 52% find a difficulty in viewing images well enough and 49% find the text too small on mobile devices.

E-Commerce Behaviours of Canadian Online Shoppers

  • Three-quarters of Canadian online shoppers use laptop/desktop computers to access the internet daily, compared to 60% who do so using a smartphone, and 30% who use tablets.
  • 44% use the internet weekly to look for details about stores/businesses, 34% use it to search for companies that sell specific products/services, while only 15% use the internet to buy a product/service online.
  • Laptops/desktops are the major devices used to make purchases online in Canada with a rate of 82%, followed far by smartphones with a rate of 27%, while only 24% who use multiple devices to buy online.
2018 Canadian E-Commerce Monitor | Ayima & Insights West 1 | Digital Marketing Community

A Graph Shows the Devices to Regularly Access the Internet in Canada – 2018

Online Shopping Behaviours in Canada in 2018

  • Almost three-quarters of Canadian online shoppers buy gifts for others online each year, 11% of them do so monthly.
  • Clothing, shoes and accessories are the second most purchased category with a rate of 68%, followed by books/CDs/DVDs (65%).
  • Only 18% are regularly (monthly) doing their grocery shopping online.
  • The total net of online shopping amount in Canada estimated $4,272, travel services grabbed the largest share ($2,629).
  • Almost three-quarters (74%) of online travel buyers do more than half of their travel spending online.
  • In terms of the most used online shopping search tools in Canada, specific retailer websites/apps ranked the top with a rate of (61%), followed by search engines (58%) and then review websites/ blogs/apps (33%).
2018 Canadian E-Commerce Monitor | Ayima & Insights West 2 | Digital Marketing Community

A Graph Shows the Average Online Spending Amount in Canada – 2018


Data were driven from 1.021 English-speaking Canadian adults who aged 18 years and older. The online survey was conducted January 15-25, 2018. The margin of error for a sample of this size is +/- 3.1%.


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