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2018 State of Digital & Content Marketing Survey – Professional Services Edition | Greentarget & Zeughauser Group

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A new survey conducted by Greentarget and Zeughauser Group to discover the information consumption attitudes, behaviors and tendencies of in-house counsel in the United States. The results showed that the C-suite rely heavily on traditional media and email notifications in their daily content habits, and are most attracted to content that delivers insights and information they find useful.

Find out more insights help you to engage with those crucial audiences:

  • First of all, the utility/usefulness is the most attractive value in content that makes in-house counsels in the US consume the content most frequently. This is followed by timeliness (68%), and source (56%).
  • In terms of the most favored content types for in-house counsels in the US, articles, alerts, newsletters, in-person and research reports are the top five types.
  • 54% of in-house lawyers in the US access the traditional media sources (e.g., The Wall Street Journal) frequently and see it as “very valuable”. This is followed by email notifications (40%), social media (30%) and industry association publications and websites (e.g. ACC Docket).
  • 52% of respondents rate content created by law firms as “good to excellent”, which is the same as in 2017.
2018 State of Digital & Content Marketing Survey - Professional Services Edition | Greentarget & Zeughauser Group 1 | Digital Marketing Community

A Figure Shows the Top 10 Favored Content Types for In-house Counsel in the United States – 2018


Date is based on individual surveys conducted in the first quarter of 2018. 85 corporate counsel responded to the survey, 51% of whom were from companies with 2017 revenues of $10 billion or more; 72% worked for companies with 5,000 or more employees. A plurality of 34% were from companies in the Northeastern United States.


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