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A Global Perspective of Mobile Commerce, Sep. 2016 | IAB & on device research

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The wide penetration of mobile devices around the whole world has made purchasing products and services via mobile devices easier than before.

In a way to explore and understand the similarities and differences in consumer purchase and payment activities that take place on mobile devices across 19 countries that participated in the study, read the below points:

Mobile Commerce Landscape

  • Nearly 75% of mobile internet users have purchased a product or service via their smartphone or tablet in the past 6 months. The highest rate appears in North America at a rate of 77%.
  • About one-third of total monthly purchases (31%) have done through mobile devices, while 44% of total monthly purchases have done over the phone via a voice call.
  • Turkey and China achieve the highest share of mobile purchases, compared with the country average which totaled only 31% in Q3 2016.
  • 47% of Chinese online shoppers purchase products or services via smartphones or tablet weekly, while 48% of Japanese are doing so monthly.
  • Across the European markets, the Uk achieved the highest rate of weekly purchasing products or services via smartphones (39%) and Sweden achieved the highest monthly rate (52%).

Motivations and Satisfaction

  • 80% of mobile purchasers said that they are satisfied with their purchase experience to date. In the UK and Canada, this percentage increased to 89% and 87% respectively.
  • 62% of mobile purchasers plan to purchase more products or services via their mobile device in the next 6 months. In Europe this rate hits 65%, followed by 63% in North America.
  • Convenience (49%) and time-saving (46%) are the main reasons drive people to purchase via mobile.

Purchase Behavior on Mobile

  • 50% of North America purchasing items are smartphone/tablet game or app, while in Europe, fashion items are purchased significantly more (46%).
  • The most popular payment method on the mobile web is Credit/debit cards at a rate of 40%, followed by online payment services at a rate of 37%.

The Impact of Mobile Ads and Social Media

  • Almost about 76% of mobile purchases have engaged with a mobile ad in the past 6 months with 33% clicked on the ad to find out more information, while 28% clicked to visit the advertiser’s websites and 21% clicked to purchase.
  • 18% of mobile purchasers have used a mobile wallet to pay for products or services, compared to 23% in APAC.
A Global Perspective of Mobile Commerce, Q3 2016 IAP-On Device Research

A Graph Shows The Most Used Devices of Purchasing Product and Services, 2019.

On Device Research

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