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Agency Insight Survey, Q1 2017 | Strata

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There is an enormous growth in the digital video interest along with social spend. That makes marketers depend on digital video along with social platforms in advertising, however, there are some challenges agencies may face.

Most of the agencies are focusing on their digital spend on mobile, digital video and paid social media:

  • 24% of agencies surveyed reported that digital video was their primary focus, and it worth to be mentioned that the interest in digital video has seen a 351% increase over the past year.
  • 25% felt that digital video can be as effective as traditional TV, but 33% feel it isn’t, and 42% are unsure.
  • 24% believes that their customers are more interested in advertising on digital video.
  • 46% of agencies assumed that their business would increase in the first quarter of 2017 compared to the same time last year.
  • 47% believes that client attraction is their biggest challenge, while only 9% voted for client retention as the biggest challenge.
Agency Insight Survey Q1 2017 Strata

A Graph Shows Clients’ Interests in Advertising on Mentioned Media Types Compared to Last Year.


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