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Consumer Behaviour and Payments Report – UK 2017 | Worldpay

Consumer Behavior | UK

Worldpay has surveyed more than 2,500 consumers in the United Kingdom in order to provide deep insights into how consumers in the UK shop and pay. So, retailers can get a better understanding of what consumers expect from brands and then stay ahead of the competition. Here are some of the main insights revealed by this study:

Top Insights Into Online Shopping Behaviour of UK Consumers

  • 76% of consumers in the UK are Omni-channel shoppers. Most of them (82%) are Gen Y (aged 21-34 years). In terms of the easiest and most used shopping website for UK consumers, Amazon ranked the top across all age groups.
  • 23% choose Amazon because it’s the simplest place for them to choose products, while 18% use it because of the fastest delivery.
  • 58% of shoppers in the UK often use their phones for price comparisons while they’re in-store.
  • Laptops and desktops are the most used devices for online shopping in the UK with a rate of 58%, followed by mobile devices (25%) and Tablets (17%).
Consumer Behaviour and Payments Report - UK 2017 | Worldpay 1 | Digital Marketing Community

Figure Shows the Most Used Devices for Online Shopping in the UK in 2017

Top Insights Into the Most Used Payment Methods in the UK

  • 52% of consumers in the UK think they’ll mainly be paying via phone rather than by card in five years’ time. This rises to 65% for Gen Z (16-20).
  • 30% of consumers in the UK have made a contactless payment using their smartphone.
  • In contrast, three-quarters prefer to make contactless payments with their credit or debit card.
  • 64% of consumers feel their payments are secure when shopping online, while another 61% are worried about storing their card details.
  • Concerning using biometric, 61% of consumers believe it is quicker to use biometric rather than PIN or password.
  • Fingerprint scanner (69%) is the most preferred biometric method for UK consumers.
  • 75% of consumers do not feel confident shopping and paying via a messenger platform.
Consumer Behaviour and Payments Report - UK 2017 | Worldpay 2 | Digital Marketing Community

% of UK Consumers Who Have Made a Payment Using Smartphone Vs. Credit or Debit Card in 2017


Data is based on 2,500 consumers from the UK.


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