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Looking back at most innovations in our lives we can see that they all have a human side, and this is not new, obviously, innovations make people’s lives easier, more efficient, and definitely more enjoyable.

Starting with the invention of the wheel to the smartphone you have, what actually inspires innovation is getting feedback from people, in light of that, customer experience has always been important. Due to the importance of that, Businesses need to be more human, that’s why a successful business is fundamentally human.

Keep on reading to check the full survey results on how to drive customer experience. Without further ado, let’s dive in details.

Teams Are Ready and Willing to Drive Customer Experience

Companies need to step up to meet the needs of their customers and that’s by establishing, supporting, and promoting a business that is more human. Moreover, understanding the consumer behind every experience and product brings the company closer to the customer besides empowering and inspiring teams to grow and innovate.

A Figure Shows Teams Who Are Ready and Willing to Drive Customer Experience—2020 Data

A Figure Shows Teams Who Are Ready and Willing to Drive CX—2020 Data

When customers were asked if they felt that their company was customer-centric, 60% of customers agreed, on the other hand, 55% reported that everyone is the company is constantly working toward creating a better experience, besides 74% of customers who said that their organization had shared value and beliefs on driving a customer-centric culture.

How Do Companies Gather Feedback From Their Customers?

It is highly important to get feedback on your business from your customers, this way you will know how to communicate with your current customers as well as attracting new and potential customers.

The chart below shows how companies gather their customers’ feedback;

How companies gather their customers' feedback

A Figure Shows the Ways That Companies Use to Gather Their Customers’ Feedback—2020 Data

It’s obvious that teams are inspired and ready to work with a customer-centered strategy and culture, however, they still need the strategies, structures, and operational support from the organization to completely execute and innovate on the human insights they collect from customers.

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The Top 5 Teams That Gather Customers’ Feedback in Companies 

Of course, there are different kinds of teams in companies to work on gathering data from customers. The chart below shows that the top 5 teams which collect feedback from customers are:

  1. User experience team
  2. Marketing team
  3. Design Team
  4. Product Team
  5. Customer Team
A Figure Show the Teams Who Are Responsible for Collecting Customers Feedback

A Figure Show the Teams Who Are Responsible for Collecting Customers Feedback


The Table of Content of “The 2020 CX Industry” Report:

  • Commentary
  • Key Findings:
    • Teams are ready and willing to drive CX
    • There’s a will, now it’s time to pave the way
    • Human insights will drive future innovation
  • Methodology and survey results

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In this 7th annual Customer Experience Industry Survey, User Testing asked over 7,600 professionals from around the world across a wide variety of industries how their organizations are approaching customer experience and conducting CX research. The survey was divided into sections based on the respondent’s job role, plus a set of general questions asked of everyone.

  • Asked of everyone
  • Asked of marketers
  • Asked of researchers
  • Asked of designers
  • Asked of product teams
  • Asked of executives

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