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An incredible number of internet users in India totaled 300 million users in 2016 and another 200 million Indians set to join by 2017. This enormous number of internet users in India besides the evolution of digital technology provides a fertile environment for marketers. Definitely, there are challenges faced India marketers in strategizing and executing digital marketing campaigns.

The below points provides a glance about the Indian market in 2016 and some forecast for 2017:

  • 63% of India marketers considered customer acquisition their primary marketing goal, followed by brand awareness (18%) and customer retention (16%).
  • The majority of Indian marketers allocated more than 30% of their marketing budget to digital marketing activities.
  • According to Indian marketers, social media marketing is their primary digital marketing activities in 2016, followed by email marketing and search marketing.
  • Social media marketing holds the lion share of Indian marketer’s budget in 2016, a total rate of 41%, and it’s expected to keep its share in 2017 too.
  • 44% of India marketers considered email marketing as the best digital marketing channel that offered the best ROI for each 1 rupee invested in 2016, followed by 36% for Facebook.
  • Most of India marketers (60%) integrated Google Analytics with their emails strategy.
  • 73% of Indian marketers assume that social media marketing achieved brand awareness drive engagement (63%), and increase traffic (58%).
Digital India 2017 Marketing Trends & Forecast Octane Research

A Figure Shows The Digital Marketing Activites That will Get an Investment Increase in 2017.


Data were driven from over 350 Indian marketers.


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