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Video Landscape Report, 2017 | IAB

Video Marketing | USA

The opportunities to reach video viewers and also the challenge across traditional TV & digital video platforms due to consumers’ behavior shifts are increasing constantly. But all videos developments provide more opportunities for brands and marketers to connect with consumers.

To gain more knowledge about the growth and value of video in reaching, engaging and driving attention to a buy-side audience, follow the below:

  • In 2016 the total video viewing time among US adults was 1 hour, 7 mins. It reached 1h, 12 mins in 2017 and it’s predicted to be 1h 15m in 2018.
  • The TV ad spending increased by $1.41 billion in 2017 and it’s predicted to hit $77.17 billion by 2020.
  • The digital video ad spending increased by $1.88B in 2017 and it’s expected to reach $16.69 B by 2020.
  • The top challenges facing the video industry are creating a better ad experience for users consumers (52%), inadequate measurement/cross-screen metrics (49%) and ad-blocking (46%).
  • More than a quarter of US adults (26%) were using ad-blockers on a computer in 2016.
Video Landscape Report, 2017 | IAB 1 | Digital Marketing Community

The Graph Shows Several Digital Video Platforms, Devices And TVs’ Web.


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