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DIMENSION 2018 | Kantar Media

| Brazil

For the second year in a row, Kantar Media has launched its DIMENSION study to explores insights into four of the largest issues facing the media industry from improving creative standards and relevancy and achieving greater channel integration.

The study also includes an overview of the major trends and exciting innovations shaping the world of media and communications planning.

The Top Line Findings on Advertising:

  • There is online advertising but there is much remains to be done to raise both creative standards and relevance online.
  • Consumers still have concerns over the privacy of their own data, so brands need to be cautious and sensitive when using anything that can be perceived as personal.
  • Brands try to find ways to enable them to get benefits from the mass of data from numerous sources they’re exposed.
  • There is a selective ad blocking from consumers. The key reasons for blocking are ads poor creative, a lack of relevance, contextual inappropriateness and also the inaccurate chronology in the placement of the ads.
Frequency of Using Ad-Blocking in China & Worldwide, 2018 - Kantar Media

A Graph Shows the Frequency of Using Ad-Blocking in China & Worldwide in 2018

Content of the “DIMENSION 2018” Report:

  • Executive Summary
  • Introduction & What We Did
  • Mining for Meaningful Data
  • No Junk Mail, Please
  • Combination Theory: Unlocking the Power
  • A Whole New (Old) World?
  • Appendix: Tables & Methodology

Number of Pages:

  • 128 Pages


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Data was driven from 5,000 connected consumers, aged over 18, across Brazil, China, France, UK, and the US. 1,000 interviews were conducted in each country.

Notes: “Connected consumers” are defined as those who use two out of a PC/laptop, a tablet or a smartphone device to access the internet.

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