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PR Tech, the Future of Technology in Communication Report, 2019 | USC Annenberg Center for Public Relations

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Technology changes so rapidly that it’s hard to keep up. Every day, a new app, device or platform is piled onto the growing tech stack available to media, marketers, and communicators. Like it or not, future success relies upon the ability to utilize these new tools for analyzing complex data, engaging diverse audiences and measuring the impact of campaigns at every step of the customer journey. The world is heading towards a rapid replacement or complementation of traditional forms of communication with those based on new technologies. Although no one doubts that new technologies play an important role in the contemporary world it is quite difficult to predict the exact pace of growth of technological advances.

The Key Findings of The “PR Tech, the Future of Technology in Communication, 2019” Report:

  • Selling products and services is ranked as the most important communication goal for organizations by surveyed CEOs with a rate of 44%.
  • Financial reporting is ranked as the most news content type that surveyed PR professionals predict to be written by artificial intelligence in five years ahead with a rate of 35%.
  • Customer experience optimization is ranked as the area of communication that surveyed CEOs mentioned that they would advance it through the use of new technology with a rate of 33%.
  • The pressure of delivering a measurable ROI is ranked as the primary driver for technology use in agencies/departments by surveyed PR professionals with a rate of 28%.
  • YouTube is ranked as the most communication platform that will be the most important to enhance the effectiveness of communication strategies with a rate of 48%.
  • Big data analytics technology skills are ranked as the most important skills that future PR/communication professional needs to be successful in dealing with it at a rate of 65%.
What is the primary driver for technology use 2019

A Graph Shows The Primary Drivers For Agencies/Departments to Use Technology, 2019.

The Content of The “PR Tech, the Future of Technology in Communication, 2019” Report:

  • The Future.
  • Goals.
  • Change.
  • Media.
  • Tech.
  • Glossary.
  • Methodology.

Number of Pages:

  • 50.


  • Free.


Data was collected through an online survey fielded by the USC Annenberg Center for Public Relations (CPR) and distributed through PR-related email lists and social media groups. The survey was live between January 7, 2019, and February 15, 2019, the sample included in the analyses encompasses 1,563 responses from PR professionals, of which 803 were PR professionals working in agency/consultancy establishments and 760 workings as in-house PR professionals. 65.6% of the PR professionals were from the United States and the remaining 34.4% from other countries.

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