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GenZ: New Insights Into the Mobile-First Mindset of Hispanic Teens in US, Aug 2016 | Think With Google

Consumer Behavior | USA

The Hispanic population in the US represents a wide segment for marketers especially teens, as nearly 25% of all 13- to 17-year-olds are Hispanic, and they are the fastest-growing teen demographic.

Get a better understanding of their digital behaviors:

  • Hispanic teens are predicted to grow +17% by 2024.
  • The smartphone is the most used device for 81% of Hispanic teens, followed by TV at a rate of 69%.
  • Listening to music is the top smartphone activity for Hispanic teens (71%), followed by text messages (69%) & playing games (68%).
  • Most of the Hispanic teens’ time is spent on online video (76%) and listening to music (51%).
  • In terms of online shopping, 82% of Hispanic teens make purchases online.
  • Books, video games, electronics, apparel & accessories are the most shopped products online among Hispanic teens.
  • 53% of Hispanic teens shop online via smartphones, 27% via laptops, and 17% via tablets.
The Top Smartphone Activities For Hispanic Teens.

A Graph Shows The Top Smartphone Activities For Hispanic Teens.


Data were driven from an online survey targeted a sample representative in the US totaled 2,013 between 13 to 17 (classified as all teens), 18 to 24 (classified as young adults), 25 to 34 (classified as adults).

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