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Online shopping is a form of e-commerce which permits consumers to directly purchase goods or services from a seller by using the Internet. It is a form of electronic commerce where consumers can directly buy goods or services from a seller over the internet without an intermediary service.

Online Shopping becomes more popular in people’s daily life a lot of people prefer online shopping to normal shopping. Online shopping is easy and convenient for people to pick up the product they want. By using the internet people just need to click the mouse button to finish the whole shopping process.

The Key Findings of The “Global Shopper Trends, 2019” Report:

  • 91.9% of global shoppers make purchases to earn loyalty rewards and 35.3% base purchase decisions on loyalty rewards at least half of the time.
  • 79.9% of global consumers report that social media and online ads impact their purchasing decisions an increase of about 10% over last year.
  • 84.2% of consumers look for a sales associate with mobile technology to assist them.
  • 37.3% use the loyalty rewards program for exclusive product updates.
  • 62.9% like to receive communications from retailers via email.
  • 47.4% of consumers prefer the click and collect/buy online pick up in-store (BOPIS) purchasing method to avoid shipping charges.
  • 93.4% of surveyed global consumers aged between 25-34 mentioned that they use their mobile device for product research while shopping In-store.
Percentage of Consumers Who Say They Never Make a purchase beacuse of an online or social media Ad, by Age 2019

A Graph Shows The Impact of Online or Social Media Advertising on purchasing decisions by Age Groups, 2019.

The Content of The”Global Shopper Trends, 2019” Report:

  • What Do Shoppers Value?
  • Methodology.
  • Key Findings.
  • Deciding Where to Shop.
  • Browsing and Product Research.
  • Deciding to Buy.
  • Making the Purchase.
  • Shopping Tomorrow.
  • About iVend Retail.

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Data were driven by iVend Retail via an online survey from December 2018 to January 2019 of 2,750 respondents around the world with 250 respondents each from Australia, Canada, Colombia, Indonesia, Mexico, Philippines, Russia, South Africa, Turkey, United Kingdom (UK), and United States of America (USA).

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