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ICT Indicators in Brief, May 2018 | MCIT

Official ICT Indicators | Egypt

A new month with new and updated indicators announced by the Egyptian Ministry of Communications and Information Technology and reflect the state of ICT in the Republic of Egypt. Keep your eyes and ears in such indicators and let’s take a sneak peek:

  • During April 2018, the number of mobile subscriptions in Egypt slipped down to 97.68 million subscriptions with a penetration rate of 107.06% to the total population.
  • There is also a decrease in the mobile subscriptions’ monthly growth rate (-1.47%) and the annual growth rate (-2.23%).
  • In contrast, USB modem subscriptions increased to 3.45 million, with 60.16% monthly growth rate.
  • The number of internet users in Egypt totaled 37.9 million in 2018, with 44.3% penetration rate.
  • Mobile internet users recorded 30.68 million during April 2018, with -2.51% monthly growth rate, and -7.57% annual growth rate.

A Graph Shows the Number of Mobile Users/Subscription and Mobile Penetration in Egypt – 2018


The Egyptian Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) is the government body responsible for information and communications technology (ICT) issues in the Arab Republic of Egypt. The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) launched a National Plan for ICT, establishing multi-disciplinary projects and initiatives related to vital sectors, such as education and health. The national plan helps the ministry promote the use of ICT nationwide as a means to achieve national development goals; and establish the pillars of a knowledge society in Egypt in close collaboration with other governmental, civil society and private sector entities.

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