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Mobile’s Hierarchy of Needs Across 9 Global Regions, 2017 | comScore

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Mobile First” concept refers to the growing number of internet users who are now spending the majority of their digital time on smartphones and tablets. According to “Boston Consulting Group” survey, consumers would be increasingly unwilling to surrender their mobile devices even at the expense of some traditional needs.

The great thing about “Mobile First” concept is it forces you into a content hierarchy. The most important piece of content is at the top of needs, followed by the next, followed by the next and so on.

Find out how marketers at comScore aligned the human necessities from “Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs” with pockets of particularly intense mobile usage:

1- Physiological: (Physical requirements for human survival which should be met first)

  • In the UK, time spent on food retail is growing faster than the growth of general mobile usage, as consumers use their phones to order takeaways.
  • Audiences who are searching for real estate in the majority of markets are now depending on mobile than on desktop.
  • Apparel shopping occurs mainly on mobiles; it’s one of the top retail uses of mobile devices.

2- Safety: (Physical security, such as safety from weather conditions, or financial and career security)

  • Despite the consumer concerns around security on mobile, more than 50% of banking audiences have abandoned desktop for their banking needs.
  • The majority of jobs/career searchers are on mobile platforms.
  • Mobile also is the primary device for weather-watchers.

3- Love/Belonging:

  • In Spain, using video calls (+123%) and also instant messaging (+8%) increased appearing to replace the standard SMS function which decreased to reach 28% in 2017.
  • The share of total time spent on the 5 key messaging apps (Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Line, WeChat & QQ messenger) has increased greatly, particularly in Mexico (15.8%), Indonesia (14.9%) and Brazil (14.6%).
  •  In the US, Facebook Messenger grabbed the majority of time spent on the key messaging apps.

4- Esteem: (Social behaviors, hobbies & interests)

  • In Spain, users are more likely to use social media to instead share content that reflects their views than posting personal status.
  • One impact of increased content sharing is that mobile social media users are more engaged with the news.

5- Self-Actualisation: (The realization of a person’s potential such as aspirational desires – travel)

  • In the UK, the time spent on travel transactions via mobile equaled with a rate of 47%. Half of this time (24%) was spent on mobile apps.
  • Cameras and streaming music services have made mobile devices a hotspot for consumers’ creative pursuits.
Mobile’s Hierarchy of Needs, 2017 | comScore

Mobile’s Hierarchy of Needs, 2017 | comScore


Data were driven from 9 global regions (USA, Canada, UK, Spain, Italy, Brazil, Mexico, China & Indonesia).

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