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Online Banking in Europe, June 2018 | comScore

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In Europe, online banking became one of the most frequently used banking touchpoints. It is relatively high but still has plenty of room for growth. In the same context, comScore has published its 2018 “Online Banking in Europe” report, which uses multi-platform data from 5 European countries (France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK) to highlight online trends impacting the banking sector, and summarise the behavioural patterns of consumers who visit the online banking sites:

  • 70% of the EU5 digital population accessed a banking website or app in March 2018.
  • Online banking users in France and Italy are more likely to spend time on online finance sites, while the UK and Germany spend more time on online trading.
  • January is the month that held the most online banking usage in France, Germany and the UK.
    48% of digital consumers Spain and Italy were accessing banking services through smartphones or tablets almost exclusively, while in Germany 40% were doing so using desktop-only.
  • In the UK, digital consumers prefer not to use mobile banking because they Prefer to use a PC/laptop, not comfortable for security reasons, and prefer to visit a local branch/office.
  • Online banking heavy users in Europe represent 20% of the online banking audience and 71% of the total time spent on the sites.
  • In contrast, half of the online banking audience are light users and represent just 7% of 7% of the total time spent on banking sites and apps.
Online Banking in Europe | Mobile Banking in Europe, 2018 | comScore

A Graph Shows the Seasonality of Online Banking Usage Across European Markets in 2017

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