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Key Findings:

  • Marketers prioritize improving ROI and integrating creative and paid media teams. Marketers Must Evolve With Consumers:
  • Economic constraints hinder ROI growth, driving interest in generative AI.
  • Challenges include inefficient content activation and siloed teams.
  • Solutions like generative AI and unified platforms offer smarter, faster, and more effective campaign management.
  • Marketers require unified solutions powered by generative AI for omnichannel creative and campaign management.

Marketing Is At An Inflection Point

In today’s data-centric landscape, marketers face the challenge of optimizing campaign budgets and ROI while delivering highly relevant creative content to consumers. With persistent uncertainty ahead, there’s mounting pressure to justify spending.

Priorities include integrating creative and paid media teams, enhancing margins, and establishing a unified view of customer touchpoints.

Achieving these goals necessitates an omnichannel strategy tailored to consumer values, leveraging data insights, deploying campaigns across various platforms, and aligning creative content with customer journeys. Marketers view user-generated content (UCG) and generative AI as crucial tools for achieving success in this evolving landscape.

Unified Creative & Paid Media: Single Source Of Truth | DMC

User-Generated Content And Generative AI Are Key For Consumer Engagement…

User-generated content (UGC) stands out as the prevailing creative choice for engaging consumers, with over two-thirds of marketers intending to integrate generative AI within the next year to enhance creativity and boost engagement.

This strategic focus reflects the acknowledgment that traditional marketing approaches are losing effectiveness, prompting marketers to embrace diverse creation formats and technological innovations. While marketers express overall satisfaction with their capabilities, opportunities for enhancement exist.

While 70% of marketers pride themselves on meeting customer expectations for relevant content, fewer are content with their ability to expand creative reach across platforms and adapt to evolving consumer behaviors.

Leveraging generative AI will be instrumental in discerning optimal timing for creative deployment and in scaling and refining content to achieve optimal outcomes.

Unified Creative & Paid Media: Single Source Of Truth | DMC

… But Marketing Headwinds Deter Successful Engagements With Consumers

Challenges in digital marketing capabilities hinder overall satisfaction among marketers. Over half of them encounter constraints in resource availability for activating content across desired channels and platforms. Additionally, integrating creative and paid media teams proves challenging, as they often pursue divergent objectives.

Establishing and maintaining a centralized repository of data for decision-making presents another hurdle. These difficulties are further compounded by inefficiencies in streamlining marketing processes, adapting media plans, and motivating customer engagement.

Consequently, there’s a growing inclination among marketers towards leveraging user-generated content via social media marketing and embracing generative AI solutions to address operational inefficiencies and enhance creative outputs.

Unified Creative & Paid Media: Single Source Of Truth | DMC

These Challenges Significantly Limit Marketing Effectiveness

The aforementioned challenges impede digital marketing teams, hindering their effectiveness in reaching consumers across various platforms, deriving actionable insights, and optimizing significant metrics.

A lack of insights and metrics poses a significant obstacle for about a third of respondents, impeding their organization’s ability to adjust creative based on performance and identify high ROI channels. Additionally, nearly half encounter difficulties in developing, testing, and launching complex campaigns.

Misalignment between creative and paid media teams, cited by 37% of marketers, further exacerbates these challenges. Effective collaboration between these teams is pivotal for crafting resonant creative campaigns.

Moreover, 40% of respondents highlight high costs as a constraint, constraining marketing budgets and hindering the achievement of successful outcomes.

Unified Creative & Paid Media: Single Source Of Truth | DMC

Future-Proof Digital Marketing Strategies Through A Central Platform And AI

To overcome these challenges, marketers prioritize investing in integrated creative and media technology solutions to streamline workflows and expedite time-to-market by minimizing manual tasks. Nearly 80% advocate for a digital marketing platform that integrates creative and campaign management across social and digital channels.

Marketers anticipate that such a unified platform will yield significant benefits. Additionally, there’s a high expectation for the transformative impact of generative AI on creative processes, with 40% expressing confidence in its potential.

This sentiment, coupled with the projected increase in the adoption of generative AI, underscores its perceived importance as a strategic tool for achieving organizational objectives.

Unified Creative & Paid Media: Single Source Of Truth | DMC

Marketers Have High Expectations For A Single Solution

Marketers continue to seek platforms that streamline media planning, buying, and optimization processes, driven by increasing investments in marketing and the fragmentation of audience attention across multiple channels and devices.

In response to this demand, unified creative and media technology solutions must deliver benefits that align with marketers’ primary objectives.

One key expectation is the ability of a unified solution to establish a centralized source of truth for customer journey touchpoints. Additionally, over 40% of respondents anticipate faster deployment of complex campaigns and the delivery of more compelling creative content.

These capabilities empower marketers to effectively engage with customers through personalized outreach and impactful content, ultimately driving greater ROI.

Unified Creative & Paid Media: Single Source Of Truth | DMC


Meeting the demand for increasingly relevant marketing is imperative for marketers to prevent consumer disengagement and enhance ROI. To achieve this, marketers must:

  • Embrace a unified solution facilitating omnichannel execution, ensuring alignment with customer needs, understanding of creative performance, and clarity on the customer journey.
  • Address resource constraints by unifying creative and paid media teams with a centralized data source for improved outcomes.
  • Embrace the future by integrating generative AI for creative, anticipated to deliver transformative benefits.

Download the report now to learn more about how marketers can leverage unified solutions and generative AI to enhance marketing effectiveness and drive better results.

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This Opportunity Snapshot was commissioned by To create this profile, Forrester Consulting supplemented this research with custom survey questions asked of 210 North American managers in digital marketing or marketing at organizations with $1 billion or more in annual revenue. The custom survey began and was completed in June 2023.


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