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PPRO has launched its latest addition to the 2018/2019 regional payments and e-commerce reports which focuses on ECentral and Southern America (CA/SA). This report will bring you a glimpse into the trends of the region and allow one to grasp the current economic and e-commerce landscapes.

The report includes the newest facts and figures for 6 high relevance countries in the regions (Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Peru, and Uruguay). Download the full report and find out a myriad of information about payment behavior, e-commerce culture, and alternative payment methods.

Key Findings of Payments and E-Commerce in Central and Southern America:

  • Brazil has the highest number of online population, followed by Argentina.
  • Uruguay has the highest smartphone penetration (74%), followed by Colombia (70%) and Chile (67%).
  • Argentina has the highest e-commerce growth rate (52%), followed far by Peru (41%) and Uruguay (25%).
  • Uruguay is the top country in using cash, while cards are popular in Brazil (71%) and Chile (66%).
  • Argentina (16%) is the most country in adopting E-Wallets, followed by Uruguay (7%).
Payment Methods in Argentina in 2019 - Payments and E-commerce Report Central and Southern America, 2019 Launched by PPRO

Payment Methods in Argentina in 2019

Content of the “Payments and E-commerce: Central and Southern America” Report:

  • Introduction
  • Latin America: From Boom to Bust and Back to Growth Again
  • 2018/2019 Payment Trends
  • Payments and E-Commerce in Argentina
  • Payments and E-Commerce in Brazil
  • Payments and E-Commerce in Chile
  • Payments and E-Commerce in Colombia
  • Payments and E-Commerce in Peru
  • Payments and E-Commerce in Uruguay

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